The objective of this project was to find a business opportunity in the city of Sao Luis, Brazil. I had to propose a product, naming and analyze the target audience to create a consistent brand and take advantage of the surrounding area where this business would be located.


The target audience that attends the Historical Centre predominantly male, consisting of students who have completed high school and are entering college to merchants, tour guides, architects and tourists. The age range is 17 to 73 years old.


Among the food establishments found in the area, they sell beiju, traditional cookies, cake, crepe, hot dogs, ice cream, sandwiches, but none of them sell churros, so selling this food is a business opportunity. The churros besides the traditional option with filling, customers can also have the possibility to add sprinkles and other toppings.

Mission: Make and sell churros according to the taste of the client so they have the joy and satisfaction of savoring our variety of churros.

Vision: Be the best seller of churros, in an innovative and creative way.

Values: Creativity, Respect and Customer Service.


The name Churreria Mania, represents the excessive desire to consume churros. The word Mania expresses the notion of immoderate madness or desire, excessive or obsessive attachment to an idea or intention.

Skills used:

- Layout


- Use of colors

- Naming

- Branding

- Logo creation


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