Brazilian Graphic Designer 👩🏻‍💻, and former Disney Cast Member  ✨

Interested in Experience and Interface Design.

Passionate about creating memorable experiences through visuals.


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About me

Passionate about creating memories and experiences, I found in Design a way of changing people's lives for the better with engaging visuals. 


I have a B.A. in Design and a study abroad in New York City for a year. I also worked at an Advertising Agency on a variety of projects on print collaterals and digital media.

I had an amazing time as a Cast Member at Disney creating magical days for thousands of people daily. That's what I want to continue doing. Impacting them with User-Centered approaches.


Most recently I got an interest in UX/UI Design. I can say that I'm a multidisciplinary designer. Whatever you put me through, I make my way to learn it. I love learning and being challenged!


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